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A different kind of Business Litigation Law Firm.

The first step for any Phoenix business litigation law firm taking a civil litigation case is to determine what the client needs for a  successful outcome.  Founded in 2008, the attorneys at Schlesinger Conrad, pllc are experienced attorneys that can guide you through your business needs.  Schlesinger Conrad has represented clients in securities litigation, trademark disputes, adversary actions, breach of contract cases and fraud litigation.  Each case is different, but the starting point for each is from the clients’ end-goal.  To get there, it’s important to be you are able to talk to an attorney from the beginning, and have an opportunity to discuss the best potential outcome.  At the Phoenix law firm of Schlesinger Conrad, the attorney will talk to you the first time you call.  Very few -if any – other Phoenix law firms can make that promise.  The managing attorney at Schlesinger Conrad, pllc believes that conversation is critical to providing the high quality, economical results that you should want in any Phoenix law firm.

Whether you want the problem resolved amicably through alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration or mediation, or you feel you need an aggressive attorney to go after high-dollar damages, the ability of the attorney to listen must come first.  No business litigation lawyer, for example, can formulate the right legal strategy without understanding how to reach your goals.  If you need to hire a Phoenix law firm for your civil litigation case, make sure your attorney is experienced, professional and still able to listen and understand your needs.  When it comes to civil litigation, one size in a law firm does not fit all.

Schlesinger Conrad, pllc: A Different Kind of Litigation Law Firm

At Schlesinger Conrad, the goal is to provide sound legal advice that makes your life easier and saves you money. Therefore, this business litigation law firm takes a business-oriented approach to law.  The  firm focuses on delivering genuine value to clients by resolving disputes, preventing future problems, and getting things done as efficiently and effectively as possible. Good legal advice is an investment, and Schlesinger Conrad works diligently to provide real return on your legal investment.

One way we always do this — not just during the nation’s Covid-19 emergency — is to provide free virtual consultations.  Schlesinger Conrad is happy to discuss your legal matter either telephonically or by screen sharing.  Either way, you can remain at your office or home and communicate with an attorney who will listen and provide options to resolve the issue.  

Please feel free to use the form, e-mail the attorney at atty@schlesingerconrad.com, or just call!  602-812-3661.



Schlesinger Conrad, pllc is focused on your needs 

Most law firms either have a paralegal interview the client before connecting you to attorney, or have the receptionist ask you about your issue, then put you to the paralegal.  Frequently, the attorney may be the third person, at best.  You may just end up working your way through a menu and never getting to talk to an attorney.  If yow want to contact an attorney now, call us.  Schlesinger Conrad tries to avoid giving you the run-around; you’ll only have to tell us your situation once on the first call to the civil litigation attorney.  If the attorney is in the office, she will take your call, and provide a free consultation regarding your legal matter whether it is in the middle of trial, a pre-litigation matter,  a small case, or a multi-million dollar matter. The same courtesy will apply.    Please feel free to use the form, email the attorney at atty@schlesingerconrad.com, or just call:


Schlesinger Conrad, pllc looks forward to hearing from you.



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Kira Schlesinger is admitted to all the district and state courts of Arizona and California, and has argued before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal. She has been admitted in the Districts of Hawaii, Nevada and the 5th Circuit, Southern District of Texas pro hac vice.   Download Curriculum Vitae.

Kira and her husband, Eric Conrad, spend their free time caring for and showing Brussels Griffons.  What began as a hobby quickly led to a business in show dogs.  Kira developed a passion for dogs, and a deep concern about the direction of the human/animal bond.  Kira has now had several cases at the intersection of animals and litigation.

Kira began Schlesinger Conrad in 2008, after being involved in litigation since 1989.  She went to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, for her undergraduate honors degree in cultural anthropology.  In 1999, Kira graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law.  That same year she became an attorney in California.  Kira gained  large law office experience with firms such as Barger & Wolen, LP in Newport Beach, California, and Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP in Phoenix.  She handled a variety of matters including insurance coverage and bad faith issues, ranging from fire losses to intentional acts.  In Arizona she began to focus on business litigation.  She has handled partnership disputes, acquisitions, adversary actions, securities cases/Blue Sky, trademark infringement, fraud and breach of contract in a wide range of business litigation settings. 

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Taylor Tondevold  has a background in litigation, having graduated from Arizona State University, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, in Tempe, Arizona. He is Of Counsel to Schlesinger Conrad, pllc, and focuses his work primarily on business and construction industry litigation