Intellectual Property Litigation with a Focus on Trademark Law

Trademark Law 

At the core of Trademark law is the source of the goods or services to help consumers avoid confusion.  

If you have a product — whether it is a tangible item or a service — you want to ensure that no other company duplicates your image.  A trademark helps ensure your consumers can feel confident they are buying your product or service.  Consumers recognize a business by their mark, and it instills confidence. It helps build your brand, preserves your image, and helps your bottom line. 

The first step in trademark registration is to come up with an image that is unique.  It might be fanciful, or utilitarian, but as long as it is not generic, it can be registered as a trademark.   Ideally, you will create a brand portfolio that includes your registered trademark, plus trade dress — the style of presentation– and collectively these will strengthen your rights in the market.  In short, these tools help you build brand loyalty.

Schlesinger Conrad, pllc is a business litigation law firm, and a central component to business today is protecting your product and services.  Schlesinger Conrad has helped clients create and register trademarks, and successfully litigated trademark disputes. Make sure you retain an attorney who knows which type of trademark is most easily registered, which classes of goods and services are important and how to defend your brand.  Knowing the process from start to finish helps avoid pitfalls and ultimately saves you money.  



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