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Insurance companies have a duty to treat you fairly and consider your interests on a par with their own.  When they fail to pay a claim, or unduly delay or fail to investigate they breach the duty of good faith and fair dealing (bad faith), along with breaching the contract that is the insurance policy.  The insurance litigation attorney at Schlesinger Conrad has been working with insurance companies and policies for nearly fourteen years.  She understands how insurance companies work, and how claims adjustors think.  Not all policies are the same, but the principles underlying claim handling have been litigated for most of the common fact patterns.  The insurance companies do not always do the right thing, and they rarely admit they are wrong. If your claim has been denied by your insurer, do not wait to get legal help.  The statute of limitation — the time you have to file suit — can go by faster than you would expect, most often within two years of the date of the wrongful conduct.  The laws applicable to insurance litigation are different in each state, and the date you discover the insurer’s  misconduct can vary.  But when you have a question, Schlesinger Conrad will provide a free evaluation of your insurance problem.

The founding member of Schlesinger Conrad practiced insurance defense for nationwide law firms.   She was in the coverage and litigation department as a senior attorney before opening Schlesinger Conrad Law Firm.  Get that experience on your side today. 

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