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Business Litigation Law Firm Schlesinger Conrad is a Business Litigation Law Firm Headquartered in Phoenix, and Handling Legal Cases Throughout Arizona and California.

An experienced business litigation law firm can advise you anytime a business deal threatens to become a law suit.  An experienced attorney can resolve many business disputes without trial through skilled negotiation, mediation and/or arbitration. Sometimes, a law suit is unavoidable.

Generally, it is preferable to resolve a dispute without litigation.  An experienced business litigation law firm can pursue many alternative dispute resolution avenues, and the attorney’s familiarity with the risks and benefits of the various pre-litigation settlement tools will be critical.

Resolution Methods Without a Law Suit

Typically, solutions to business disputes range from a demand letter to arbitration with options in between.  While it is frequently better to never let the problem escalate to to the point you need to file a law suit, sometimes it is unavoidable.  Attorney Kira Schlesinger’s experience in court means she also knows how to keep you out of court when that is the best solution for your business.

Because many business agreements contain arbitration clauses, or may require mediation before litigation, you may not have a choice how to resolve the case if negotiation fails.   Thus, even if you are a plaintiff, you may be required to arbitrate your case.  In Phoenix, cases that involve less than $50,000 also will be sent to arbitration.  Attorney Kira Schlesinger has acted as an arbitrator for the Arizona Superior Court, has arbitrated countless cases and successfully mediated representing plaintiffs and defendants.

Possible Claims in Business Litigation Law Suits

The possible claims vary with each business dispute, but they can include breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, matters of insurance law and coverage disputes, fraud, unfair competition, trademark infringement, or conversion. The list is long, and the solutions are unique for each business dispute.  Since business litigation can be time-consuming, complex and complicated, having an experienced attorney representing your interests allows you to get on with your business.

Let this business litigation law firm go to work, so you can go back to work. Contact Attorney Kira Schlesinger at 602-812-3661 or e-mail her at Atty@schlesingerconrad.com

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