Civil Litigation Practice and Mediation 

Licensed in All State and Federal Courts for Arizona and California.

Schlesinger Conrad, pllc was founded in 2008 in Phoenix as a civil litigation practice areas that serves Arizona and California clients.  Over the years, the focus has shifted toward an expanded use of alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”).  Among the most common form of ADR is mediation.  The reasons are simple: The parties decide on the outcome, not a judge or an attorney assigned by the Superior Court.  While the legal concepts are the same in all courts, there are differences such as different statutes of limitations and different remedies.  That’s why Schlesinger Conrad limits its litigation practice areas to business, insurance, with alternative dispute resolution and mediation in each of these areas. 

Solutions Created® is More than a Slogan.

With nearly twenty years of business and insurance litigation experience, Schlesinger Conrad creates  cost-effective solutions in business litigation and related practice areas.   Trained at University of California School of Law, Schlesinger Conrad continues in the tradition of top-level legal analysis.  While Schlesinger Conrad has the dedication and skill to work through your civil litigation issues in the most cost effective manner, the firm also draws on many technological resources to fulfill our motto of Solutions Created™.  Using cutting edge technology helps Schlesinger Conrad efficiently solve the problems of small and medium-sized businesses, and helps individuals get on with their lives.

Schlesinger Conrad is Goal-Oriented.

Schlesinger Conrad, pllc understands that every litigation solution must begin with an understanding of the client’s goals and budget.  At the first interview, Schlesinger Conrad will work to understand the best path for each client’s unique case.  Schlesinger Conrad looks for a solution that considers the client’s goals, and then seeks the most efficient cost efficient solution for the legal problem.  Schlesinger Conrad’s business litigation clients feel that they obtained a great solution to their problem because the attorney listens from the beginning.   Only if your goal is understood can any law firm create an optimized litigation plan that will meet your expectations.  Every client should feel that their attorney created a solution right for their needs.

Planning for Cost-Effective Solutions to Civil Litigation Issues.

The best result is not always reached by filing suit.  In fact, litigation cannot always solve a business or individual problem.  In business, companies are frequently better off negotiating a settlement to allow for potential future deals.  Schlesinger Conrad approaches each matter knowing that the best solution may be a creative one.  When litigation is necessary, the litigation practice areas at Schlesinger Conrad Law Firm are each geared toward solving unique problems for the individual clients.  Whenever practical, Schlesinger Conrad looks for opportunities for a quick, cost-effective resolution.  Sometimes that means getting results from a demand letter, sometimes it’s winning on summary judgment after litigation has been filed. Schlesinger Conrad works with each client to reach the finish line in the shortest and most cost-effective manner.   To find out more, contact the business litigation law firm of Schlesinger Conrad, pllc at or call 602-812-3661.