A Focus on Securities Litigation in State and Federal Courts

Arizona Securities fraud is a complex and detail-oriented area of law. 

There are many legal and regulatory issues in Arizona securities law that require an experienced attorney.  

Whether you notice a lack of transparency, or returns are not what you were led to believe, if your investment is beginning to raise concerns, you should act in a timely manner to ensure that any securities fraud is discovered and can be proven. Time is critical if there is securities fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, or even negligence on the part of management. 


It may be that there is self-dealing, or the entire investment opportunity may have been the result of securities fraud.  Some of the hallmarks of securities fraud may not be obvious at first glance.  Was there high-pressure sales? Promises of little to no risk?  Are the managers making it difficult or impossible to review the books and records for the company despite Arizona law protecting your right to do so? Were the boilerplate disclaimers hiding real risks that were never disclosed?  Arizona securities law, as with federal law, requires that a statement be true, or that information that would clarify the issue be disclosed.  It is critical to find out what is going on while the evidence is still available and memories are fresh. 

Schlesinger Conrad, pllc is a business litigation law firm, and a central component to business today is investments.  Schlesinger Conrad has represented clients in securities litigation,  breach of contract and fraud litigation.  Experience matters whether it is  a violation of state Blue Sky laws or federal securities violations.  Schlesinger Conrad is licensed in all state and federal courts for Arizona and California.  Schlesinger Conrad is also familiar with Delaware law as it applies to securities violations.  This is important because so many corporations are formed in Delaware because of their corporation-friendly laws.  Make sure you retain an attorney who knows the limits of applying one forum’s laws over Arizona Securities laws.  Knowing what to expect and having a strategy for recovery can make all the difference.  



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