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This is just a few of the clients that Schlesinger Conrad has created legal solutions for over the last few years.  The tagline is Solutions Created™ — Schlesinger Conrad works very hard to ensure that any solution includes satisfied clients.

I wanted to thank you, Kira, for all that you have done . . . You don’t know how much it meant to us that you helped us out so much. Without you none of it would have happened.  What you put into writing on the legal documents you typed up to battle them with was pure genius and it was an honor for me to get to work with you.  Using a football analogy – I threw up a Hail Mary pass with time running out and you caught it…for the winning touchdown…Yes! We won! Dean L.

I have seen many attorneys at work in the last year from the battle with [opposing parties], and must say I wish I could have found you before being beat up by these lawyers that robbed from me and did nothing to earn a penny. Your response is right on and impressive. You are the best attorney I have seen in many years. You opened my eyes and gave me hope for humanity. I thank you and would like your name in every corner of my office for all to see! Thank you —  I cant say enough. Ken S.

Kira, you always will be a turning point in my life.  After struggling for years to get that lawsuit off the ground, you came into my life and started out by revising that poorly written complaint I had another attorney write at the start of all this.  Then my “brilliantly minded” attorney applied her amazing skills and ran with it.  I can never express my gratitude for all you have done for me. Pam W.

You have been truly amazing and I will definitely keep in touch and if I ever need anything I will of course be calling you! Again thank you for everything!!! Alex M.

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Legal Solutions for Business Litigation.

Legal solutions for your business litigation needs are created by knowing the details and background of your particular case. It is also by knowing the law so well that the opponent understands why your case will prevail at trial.  It also means understanding the dynamics of the individual business area, the lawsuit, and how the players — opposing counsel, opposing party and the judge — view your case. With nearly 30 years in litigation, and more than 10 years in Phoenix business litigation, Schlesinger Conrad creates satisfied clients through legal solutions that get litigation results.  Schlesinger Conrad Law Firm has found legal solutions in business litigation and other cases in state and federal courts in Arizona.  Some of the victories include:

  • Securities Litigation:  On June 19, 2019, Schlesinger Conrad received an Order from the Superior Court in Arizona, denying the third attempt by Defendants to dismiss Schlesinger Conrad’s clients, Plaintiffs’ in a securities suit alleging, inter alia, violation of Arizona Securities Act, A.R.S. § 44-1991, and rescission in the amount of not less than $2.1 million.  The ruling allows the case to proceed as to the company in which Plaintiffs invested, as well as the law firm that allegedly drafted the Operating Agreement and all other offering documents.  The Court stated: “In this case, the … Amended Complaint is as short and plain as reasonable[y] possible, in light of the factual and legal allegations. [It] gives the Defendants fair notice of the nature and bases of the claims, and indicates the type of litigation involved. The wording and allegations do not ramble. The allegations are not conclusory. They are based upon well-pled factual assertions.”  Hon. Theodore Campagnolo.
  • Business Litigation: Battling back a default judgment of $28,000,000 after being brought in for a “Hail Mary” pass when another firm allowed terminating sanctions to enter.  Schlesinger Conrad redesigned the defense strategy and kept judgment from entering against these high-profile clients;
  • Trade Secret: Schlesinger Conrad took on one of the largest mining companies in the world and obtained a trade secret settlement of nearly $1,000,000, while spending just over $2,500 in costs;
  • Consumer/Credit Reporting: On behalf of a couple from Tucson, Arizona, Kira fought national credit reporting companies and obtained a settlement in the high five figures, and also forced the reporting companies to correct credit errors on the clients’ credit reports;
  • Insurance Bad Faith: Schlesinger Conrad obtained a high five-figure insurance settlement following a theft from a self-move van, even though there was little evidence of the value of the stolen items;
  • Insurance Bad Faith:  Schlesinger Conrad was able to obtain a confidential settlement for her clients after a strip-mall fire wiped out all other businesses at the mall, while barely touching the client’s business.  Settlement was based upon the lack of foot traffic after the fire.

Please feel free to call Schlesinger Conrad at 602-812-3661 to see how you can become the next of our our many satisfied clients.

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