The New York Times recently ran an article about the rates for passing the bar in California versus other states.

The article noted that “With passage rates for the test sagging, the court has asserted its authority over the exams, traditionally among the toughest in the country.” One reason that people believe California makes its bar so difficult is that California seeks to protect its established attorneys by minimizing the number of new admittees who will be competition for jobs and clients.

The alternative view is that California has a duty to ensure that the attorneys who become licensed are properly prepared, so as not to endanger future clients.

If you are looking for a trained attorney, however, you need to more than that they passed the bar in your state. You need to know how long they have been practicing, and how they analyze and work up cases. Even the top-scoring bar passer may have no practical experience. Lack of knowledge how to put together a brief or conduct discovery can lead to devastating consequences for the client.

University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law, offered numerous clinics including legal writing, depositions and discovery and other classes that actually prepared a graduate to enter the ranks of attorney’s knowing how to practice in the everyday situations which a lawyer finds himself or herself.

If you need to hire a lawyer, ask about that real-world experience. It may be that the new graduate you are considering has a wealth of nuts-and-bolts experience. But you need to ask, and you need to feel confident that whoever you have represent you — whether it is Schlesinger Conrad or another firm — can handle the large number of documents that may be involved, succeed in tricky negotiations and position your case for success. Don’t be shy about asking any attorney tough questions. Schlesinger Conrad is happy to answer them. Any attorney should be, and an attorney who gets defensive when asked may not be the right firm for you.

between: Source: California Supreme Court Moves to Make Bar Exam Easier to Pass