Schlesinger Conrad Law Firm

 Taking on the Big Boys

At SCLF, we believe that the bigger they are, the harder they fall.  SCLF has proven it time and again. 

First, in 2008, SCLF took on a nationwide hotel chain that billed itself as a non-profit.  In 2010, SCLF represented a high-profile mortgage investor.  Also in 2010, SCLF prevailed against an international mining company in a trademark infringement case.  Even the mediator in that case tried to convince us to settle for a minimal award, telling plaintiff that he could never prevail against such legal might.  But we walked out of that mediation and got a phone call shortly thereafter for a sum that was nearly 200 times as much as what was offered at mediation.  Sometimes, you just have to stand your ground and know what cards to play.     

In 2012, SCLF took on three national credit reporting companies and got a great settlement for our client.   

We are currently working on cases against a county government, a national insurance company and a nationwide bank. 

If you have a claim against a company that acts like it’s too big to pay, call Schlesinger Conrad.  The attorney will evaluate your case for free, and if the facts support your right to recovery, we will go after the bad guys – no matter how big they are.  

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