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Alternative Dispute Resolution – Arbitration & Mediation Expertise

“ADR” or alternative dispute resolution can actually cover myriad different methods to resolve your case without going to court.  Typically, when people talk about arbitration or mediation they mean to involve someone experienced with settlement of civil cases to assist in getting the case resolved before trial.  Over 97% of civil cases are heard in either arbitration or mediation.   The difference between mediation and arbitration are that in mediation, the neutral (judge or third-party attorney) does not make a “decision” or “ruling”.  Rather, in mediation, the mediator helps the parties reach a mutually agreeable settlement or “mediated”  resolution of the case.  With arbitration, the setting is a bit more formal and the arbitrator considers the evidence and rules or makes a decision that is binding absent an appeal to the superior court.  This appeal is often referred to as “de novo” as it is to “do new” — the court looks at the evidence and it is a “do over” in many regards.  A neutral or third-party can also help in Informal dispute resolution.  By having an evaluation or an impartial third party consider the evidence and render an opinion, rather than a decision, the parties can often make progress in negotiating with reaching their own settlement, giving each party enough of what they need to walk away from litigation.


One Thing is Certain in the Uncertain Times of Covid-19: Litigation Will Follow.

As with any economically tumultuous time, the Covid-19 crisis will undoubtedly lead to an increase in stock-drop litigation and shareholder derivative actions, as well as increased governmental agency investigations. As with any economically tumultuous time, the...

THE CASE FOR THE ARREST OF DONALD J. TRUMP: Incitement of Insurrection and Sedition

The Case for the Arrest of Donald J. Trump: Incitement of Insurrection and Sedition By Kira A. Schlesinger, Esq.[i] In the wake of the willful incitement of violence against the Government of the United States on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, pundits, scholars, the U.S....

Coronavirus Bad Faith Litigation Has Begun

Businesses across the nation have been filing claims for coverage under their business interruption and losses policies. The claims are that the companies were closed and suffered losses due to the pandemic. As stated by AMFS, an expert broker company, "[s]ome...

9th Circuit Court of Appeal: Fast Trak v. Sax – Oral Argument Attorney Kira A. Schlesinger arguing for Plaintiff/Appellee

Executive Privilege Does Not Apply to McGahn

"President" Trump does not seem to understand the limits of executive privilege.  He also does not seem to understand that the White House Counsel -- in this case Don McGahn-- is not his personal lawyer.  "The Office of White House Counsel advises the President, the...

FAC Exhibits

Ex 1 - Nielsen Credentials  Ex 2 - Offering Documents Ex 3 - Run Tape Ex 4 - Correspondence Kaouris Ex 5 - Second Amended and Restated Operating Agreement Ex 6 - USPTO Ex 7 - June 17, 2014 Operating Agreement Ex 8 - Non-Disclosure Agreement Ex 9 - June 15 2015 Action...

Soon, We May Give More Rights to Artificial Intelligence Than to Animals

What does that say about humans? Source: Soon, We May Give More Rights to Artificial Intelligence Than to Animals

Three Tiered Justice — Small, Medium and Large “UnEqual Justice Under the Law”

 As of July 2018, the Arizona justice system will become more blatantly about money than it ever has been.  Arizona Rule of Civil Procedure 26.2 becomes effective, and it will restrict the amount of discovery and time for trial...

California Supreme Court Moves to Make Bar Exam Easier to Pass

The New York Times recently ran an article about the rates for passing the bar in California versus other states. The article noted that "With passage rates for the test sagging, the court has asserted its authority over the exams, traditionally among the toughest in...

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