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In this “DYI” world, it is hard to quantify the benefits of an experienced attorney.  Trying to go it alone can be cost-effective, or it can take your case off a cliff and into a canyon, and you may not be able to climb back out.  Simply put, if you get it wrong, you may be out of court.  Schlesinger Conrad can help even if you feel you can do most of the work yourself.

SCLF offers individualized coaching for those who have the time and the inclination to go forward on their own.  Schlesinger Conrad will not assume the responsibility for your case, but will offer guidance on the legal process generally.

Our packages begin at $1,000 for a simple matter in Arizona superior courts.  SCLF does not control your case – you do.  We will, however, review up to six pleadings for necessary elements, e.g., elements of the causes of action in a complaint, appropriate documents for motion, basic discovery requests and responses (interrogatories, requests for production) etc.  We can provide tips on how to draft requests, what to look for and how to respond.  We can let you know what some options might be at each step of your case.  Of course, since you are responsible for the case, we cannot guarantee any outcome.  We do provide an additional resource and some useful tips as you move along.

The package can be upgraded to include drafting or legal research.

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