Animal Law

 As an attorney and a business woman involved with the world of dogs, Kira Schlesinger Conrad understands the animal/human bond.  She also understands that our animals can be both a blessing and the source of pain. 

Animal law includes many types of legal situations that overlap Schlesinger Conrad’s existing areas of law.  Whether you need a sales agreement, a show contract or a breed contract, Schlesinger Conrad can provide you with an individualized agreement that will help prevent unforeseen situations that can lead to disputes and even law suits.

But Animal law extends beyond the contractual realm. It also includes defining the limits of what municipalities and animal control agencies may do, and how far they can exert control without violating your civil rights.  Schlesinger Conrad has been involved with actions to challenge city ordinances limiting the way we get our pets, and is familiar with the impact that county ordinances can limit both the number of animals and how you care for them.  She has taken on the county for breeders and others standing for their and their animal’s rights.

Animal law can also include areas of veterinarian malpractice, products liability or dog bites. Schlesinger Conrad has also prosecuted and defended dog bite cases.  In most cities, a dangerous dog can be quarantined or even euthanized.  In many instances, dog bites are covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Schlesinger Conrad can help you protect yourself, your animal and your rights.   Call us at 602-812-3661 or E-Mail us at




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