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Writing and arguing before the Ninth Circuit can be a challenge; Schlesinger Conrad is up to the challenge. Kira Schlesinger has worked on numerous appeals, and stood before the Ninth Circuit, taking questions from the panel as the time for argument clicks down.

When an argument is made at the trial court level, but either the trial court ignored valid case law, new evidence is found that could not reasonably have been presented earlier, or a new decision from a higher court changes the legal landscape, an appeal may be successfully made to the higher court.

Another form of appeal is when you tried to exhaust your administrative remedies, but the panel or system failed you.  Then a writ of mandamus is not only advisable, in many instances it is mandatory in order to preserve your rights.  This appeal is to the superior court.

If you have been wrongfully terminated and you worked for a governmental agency, or if you feel your attorney dropped the ball, please call Schlesinger Conrad right away.  Time is of the essence and we may be able to help.

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